Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) Unit:

Each and every company benefits greatly from research and development. As a result, the presence of this unit in businesses is critical. One of the important pillars for qualitative product development is Sepehrpak Company’s research and development unit (which produces a variety of masterbatches and polymeric compounds). This company is capable of customizing the design and production of various types of masterbatches and polymeric compounds by utilizing the knowledge of seasoned experts and advanced lab and production equipment.

Research areas of Sepehrpak Company’s research and development uni:

This unit focuses on color, additional and filler masterbatches, as well as a wide range of polymeric compounds such as recyclable bio-compounds and woodplasts. This unit focuses on the rubber industry in order to optimize polymeric features for the production of plastic parts and to use recyclable bio-polymers, while maintaining close and friendly ties with experts and industrialists. Sepehrpak Company is always willing to collaborate with industrial centers and universities in order to carry out its policies.

Technical Consultation:

This company’s research and development team is made up of experts, so that special solutions for complicated challenges and the demand market are developed using the best of their technical know-how and advanced lab and production equipment.